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Every sacred facet of you sheds light on your wholeness, the immensity of your spirit, the immeasurable depth of your soul, the totality of your experience. Each and every glimpse of your nature, seen even in the darkest of shadows, in spiraling patterns, emotions of every kind, desires, longings, fears, all that captures your attention, even in the most subtle of ways, is an invitation to live into the vast infinite internal landscape of you; an invitation to fall and rise in love, with every breath you give and take. This exploration will lead to this journeys greatest treasure: a profound expansion of possibility. Magic.

Look at yourself… inside yourself. What do you find? What do you want to find? A feeling? Wisdom? What are you a disciple to? How does the pursuit of this incomprehensible thing inform you, move you, transform you?

Earthwise deepens. There is unimaginable beauty in you.  Imagine it.  Discover it.  Celebrate it.  Share.

“True freedom does not lie in being unfettered, unencumbered, unbound. This is a state of exile. No, true freedom is found in utter surrender and obedience to the voice of the sacred within yourself.”

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