Becoming Earthwise

“Are you wailing over the human destruction of Mother Earth? Do you feel desperation growing in you so large you might explode? Do you wonder how to move next or just leap off the cliff of your current place? Do you seek others that have heard the same call and are desperate to live into their love for Mother Earth? Do you seek ways, experiences, places to learn and act on your feelings and desires? Seeker! You’ve made it. You are here where others are wanting you to share your gifts and live into your deepest desires. You are right where you are supposed to be, right here, right now, right where you are, as just who you are!”

We welcome all to explore the Earthwise landscape with us. All those with the volition to honor, celebrate, and protect our Earth will find a warm and welcome home. We are humans on the path to becoming Earthwise. We are a growing clan seeking others that feel called by their Mother to return, protect, heal and nourish her, as she has done for us. In this landscape there is no road map or progression, only the call from your own sacred voice. Earthwise is an invitation, action, and movement that provides rich humous for the nourishment of your unique gifts.